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  • Misspelled Words
  • Missing Articles
  • Outdated Spelling
  • Weak Adjectives
  • Comma Usage
  • Repetetive Words
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • User Friendly

    Grammarly is straightforward to use. All you have to do is copy and paste the text you want to be corrected into the Grammarly box, and Grammarly does the rest for you.


    Grammarly is very affordable. Anybody can afford this amazing tool.

    I used to not know how many mistakes I made in letters, posts, and documents. It was embarrassing, and even getting another person to look at it for you took up lots of time and didn`t always work.

    But then I came across Grammarly, and it changed everything for me. I could check letters and posts in just a couple of seconds. Amazing. It got rid of me being embarrassed and making me proud of my writing.

    I want to share this fantastic tool with you so that you don`t miss out on a tremendous opportunity.


    • Improves spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    • Helps make your writing easier to understand
    • Helps make your writing more interesting and effective
    • Helps you make the right impression on your reader
    • Grammarly is not perfect. You may still find mistakes the tool could not detect
    • Grammarly doesn`t work on Google Docs
    • The free version is very basic and will only check misspelled words

    FREE, $29.95/month, $59.95/3 months, $139.95/year

    Are you always unsure whether your posts on your website have spelling and grammar mistakes?

    Is English not a native language to you and don’t know if you wrote a text correctly or not?

    Grammarly is here to the rescue.

    It is so important nowadays to leave a good reputation, whether on your website, social media, or blog. You don’t want people to think you didn’t finish high school.

    Your aim with your website is also to gain trust.

    You won’t gain confidence with lots of grammar and spelling errors. People would then think you are a scammer and leave your website. Make sure to use Grammarly to build trust with your website visitors.

    Name: Grammarly
    Price: Free, $29.95/month, $139.95/year
    Founders: Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider

    Grammarly Product Overview

    Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider are the founders of Grammarly and at first, wanted to help students with their grammar and spelling by giving them the product to promote. It has now grown to help everybody in all aspects of life, not just for business but also personal use.

    There is no more straightforward grammar, and spelling check out there then Grammarly to use.

    All you have to do is copy and paste the text you want correcting into Grammarly`s Editor, or you can download a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

    That is it! There is no more to it. Easy, right?

    But how does it work and what is the difference between Free and Premium. I have taken a few screenshots inside the Grammarly editor to show you how it works. Now the Free Grammarly editor will look like this:



    It won’t give you a full explanation of why the sentence needs changing because it is a feature only Premium has got. That is why it tells you to go Premium to find out.

    The Free version of Grammarly only corrects critical grammar and spelling mistakes. The above image hasn’t got any of those, but an error you will be able to adjust with the Premium version of Grammarly.

    With Premium, it will look like this:

    It will give you a full explanation of why you need to change the sentence.

    You don’t always want to make the same mistakes, do you?

    That is why Grammarly helps you to understand the English grammar after every mistake you make. That way, you learn by doing.

    Cool, right?

    Who Is Grammarly For?

    Millions of writers, bloggers, and students use Grammarly.
    It isn’t just for people that have to do a lot of writing as a job or have to write essays.


    Anybody can use Grammarly.

    Do you want to catch up on your English writing skills?

    Are you looking for a job and want your job application to be accurate?

    Grammarly is the tool for you.

    Stop having lots of typos in your emails, posts, and blogs and use Grammarly as your spelling check.

    Grammarly Features

    The features included depends on if you want to use the Free version of Grammarly or the Premium. Look at the image below to find out the features included in the Free version and what features in the Premium version.

    Grammarly Price

    There are five different versions of Grammarly you can choose from:

    • Free version, free of charge
    • Premium version, $29.95/month
    • Quarterly version, $19.98/month billed as one payment of $59.95
    • Annual version, $11.66/month billed as one payment of $139.95

    There is also a business version that will give you all Premium features for teams of 3 to 100. The business version will cost you

    for a group of 3:

    • Annual Plan $15 per member/month $540 billed annually
    • Monthly Plan $25 per member/month $75 billed monthly

    My Final Opinion About Grammarly

    I used to correct my documents and emails with the Microsoft Word spelling tool but didn’t always check everything. But I found it a marvelous tool once I found out a computer could check my spelling.

    But once I used Grammarly, I was blown away about how much it taught me. It didn’t only correct my mistakes but also taught me the right way of writing in English and made me stop writing the same mistakes.

    It has been my hero and will never stop using it.

    Grammarly is an excellent tool to use while writing whatever you want and gaining trust. I find it marvelous that it gives you a whole reason for why you need to correct the sentence or text presented in the editor.

    You don’t want to miss out on this. Start making mistakes and learn from them.

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    Matt - March 2, 2020 Reply

    Hi Catherine,

    I googled Grammarly and came to your article, and I must say you described all the things I want to know about it. I currently use the FREE version, but sometimes I don’t think it can help me better. That’s the reason I googled it again to know the difference between FREE & paid version.

    Besides the Grammarly`s Editor, you could also install Grammarly on your Chrome. It will help you with all the writings you do when you surf the internet! Super recommended!


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