August 22, 2019

Aweber For Email Marketing Review 2020


  • Drag-And-Drop Editor
  • Email Automation
  • 700 Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Subscriber Management
  • Tagging
  • Customer Service
  • User Friendly

    AWeber has got a very easy to use drag-and-drop feature, that will enable you to create really cool looking emails in no time.


    You can try AWeber 30 days for FREE. You then pay $19/month. It is very affordable for small businesses.

    Have you always wanted to plan your emails in advance and send them at preferred times, for when you are not around? Or have you wanted to manage multiple email lists from the same place?

    Well, you can stop worrying, because AWeber will help you do exactly that and much more.

    I love this tool because of how easy it is to use, and the platform does everything I need for my email lists for a fantastic price.

    Do you want an expert by your side? Get help from AWeber`s ACEs (Aweber Certified Experts).

    • No Technical Background Needed
    • Email Split Testing
    • HTML Templates
    • Team Hub
    • RSS to Email
    • Email API
    • Can`t send videos with emails, only the links to for example YouTube
    • Some of the templates are outdated

    30 days FREE, $19/month, $49/3 months, $194/year

    I started using AWeber seven months ago, when I started my own online business.

    It was a struggle to get traffic to my website and didn`t know how to get people reading my posts. It was very frustrating, and I didn`t know what to do.

    I then found a video on YouTube about email marketing and how emails were still beneficial for your business.

    I started looking up email marketing platforms on Google to find out how email marketing worked and what I could do with my business.

    It was then when I found multiple people talking about AWeber and how it helped them get traffic to their website and people buying their products.

    Because AWeber has a 30 days free trial, I decided to check it out for myself and find out what everybody was talking about.

    I was just blown away of how quick and easy it is to write emails and schedule them. I never thought it could be so easy, but in those 30 days, I managed to see how much potential AWeber has got for every online business.

    Because Aweber has helped me make sales and get traffic to my website, I decided to write a product review and tutorial so that you don`t miss out and also benefit from it.

    Do you have a website and are struggling to get people purchasing your products/programs?

    Do you want to take your website to a whole new level and get more people interested?

    Then Aweber is the best way to go! Check out this unbelievable email marketing service!

    What Is Aweber?

    Aweber is an opt-in email marketing service that has been around for over 20 years and has got over 100,000 businesses using it.

    It has grown so much in the last years and is going to be around for years to come.

    A lot of people think that emails are becoming outdated and are going to die out soon.

    That is just not true. People still read emails every day, and some even every hour.

    All of us still have an email address, and some people multiple email addresses.

    That makes millions of email addresses still being used and allows you to grab this information and create something marvelous with it!

    Another great thing about email marketing is, people subscribe to your email list without you spamming their inboxes.

    They choose to give you their email for your list. That means those viewers want to receive emails from you.

    There is nothing better than that!

    The sky is the limit, and I know your business will grow with Aweber!

    Experts will tell you three words what to do with your business to make it grow and become successful, and they are: “Build a list!”

    That is all you have to do. Get people to subscribe and build an email list with the subscribers. It is as easy as pie!

    Try it out HERE and see what everybody is talking about!

    Start creating your magnificent emails and WOW your subscribers! They are just going to love receiving emails from you!

    What Is Possible With Aweber?

    Aweber has a lot of features and includes:

    • You can manage multiple lists at one place
    • You can have your emails in autoplay
    • You can see how many people subscribed to your email list when and how
    • You can see how many people opened your emails
    • You have got access to over 700 email templates when writing, to make your emails look fantastic
    • You can add subscribers from other email lists to your Aweber email lists
    • You can send the emails to yourself first to see if they look the way you want them to before you send them to your subscribers
    • 24/7 Help and Support line for whenever you get stuck or have any questions
    • Information and tips on how to write emails and how to make money with your emails

    Is Aweber For You?

    Of course! It is for everybody with a business.

    Aweber is an excellent solution for every business to help get more traffic and get more money from your visitors.

    The businesses that have an email marketing service get more traffic and money. 

    Why is that?

    Because you send emails to your subscribers on regular bases, people don’t forget you exist and are more willing to buying something from your website.

    The businesses that don’t have an email marketing service have a higher risk of people forgetting their name and don’t remember ever being on your website after as few as 2 minutes after!

    So get your hands on Aweber today and stop people forgetting you!

    Why Choose Aweber And Not Another Email Marketing Service?

    That is a great question and an easy one to answer!

    Aweber is straightforward to use, and you will get videos to help you build up your email marketing campaign.

    All other email marketing services are challenging to understand and don’t give you clear step-by-step directions and training.

    Other email marketing services also don’t help you straight away when you get stuck.

    I have experienced email marketing services where I got so confused and didn’t receive helpful support and left me so frustrated.

    That is an absolute no-go for an email marketing service!

    I also wasted money on figuring out if it was the right solution.

    I don’t want you to waste your time and money on trying out different email marketing services and have tried them out for you!

    Aweber is the best email marketing service you are going to find and also for a fantastic price!

    How Much Does Aweber Cost?

    It will only cost you $19/month for all features! How amazing is that?!

    You won’t find another email marketing service for a better price!

    You even save money by doing the annual plan! You can do a quarterly plan for $49/3 months, which saves you $8.

    Whichever plan you choose to take, you are going to get a bargain for the package you are going to receive.

    What Else To Expect At Aweber?

    Aweber also has a fantastic customer support helpline, and even if you get in contact with them at 3 am, they will get in touch with you in as little time as possible.

    I was amazed the last time I asked them a question, how fast I received an answer. Not only that, but I understood the answer and could use it towards my email campaign.

    After subscribing to Aweber, I received 45+ email templates straight away to help me get on my way as fast as possible.

    I could copy and paste them and add my details or use them as an inspiration to write my emails.

    I also received emails about how everything works and also tips on how to make money with email marketing.

    Share Aweber With The World


    After seeing how, fantastic Aweber is, I couldn’t help but write this post and share this tremendous email marketing service with the world.

    You don’t want to miss out on this unbelievable opportunity and start getting people to love your website.

    I know you have got the power in you to change and make a difference!

    Just grab this opportunity and take your business to the next level!

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